Student Success Stories

*Since PCCMT is in its inaugural year of operations, reviews are not yet available. These testimonials were written for PCCMT’s sister school, the Alberta College of Massage Therapy (ACMT). PCCMT teaches the same program and is operated by the same office.

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Mikhaela T.

MikhaelaDuring my final year in high school, I struggled a lot deciding what career path to take after graduation. Massage Therapy was neither my first nor only choice, but it is the path I will always be glad I decided to go with. Being able to be a part of someone else’s healing process is always a pleasure, and Massage Therapy makes that possible.

Hearing a lot of stories and advice from an RMT friend played a big role in my journey of becoming an RMT. Massage Therapy offers many opportunities that could work well for anybody and everybody. Being in-demand provides numerous job opportunities with flexible work schedules.

I looked through different colleges that offer the Massage Therapy program but ACMT topped it all with its flexible in-class dates that fit my personal life the most. The ACMT school and clinic staff have been nothing but helpful and supportive from the beginning of my journey and all throughout. The completion of the Massage Therapy Diploma program was a big achievement for me, for it made me step out of my comfort zone and enter the bigger world with a main vision and goal in mind, which is to help be a part of people’s healing process, with all the skills and knowledge ACMT has taught me. 

If you are a potential student still undecided, I can guarantee you Massage Therapy is always an excellent choice that could benefit not only the people around you that need the healing, but you also for the amount of skills you will learn. Not to mention the many other additional modalities you could also get into!


Albert P.


After starting out in bodybuilding, I turned to massage therapy to acquire more extended knowledge of muscles and how to properly treat them.ACMT was my first choice because of the superior communication and friendliness. While attending the second year I got to meet my beautiful fiancée Adeline. After graduating the college, I was introduced to MOCC where I am currently expanding my education.

I would like to finish by saying any career choice that you pick should not feel like work. The way I see it is when you are comfortable and confident in your practice you have achieved self-realization. ACMT was really life changing for me as it helped me achieve self-realization and opened up a positive mindset anywhere I go.


Erin G.

ErinI graduated from business school in 2006 and have worked in the financial industry for the past 12 years. As time passed, I found myself looking for more.

I have a fascination and passion with the human body, having studied personal training prior to considering massage. In working through my own health issues/injuries, I decided to take the plunge…after a careful cost benefit analysis (of course!). Not only could I tangibly make a difference in people’s lives for the better, but the cost of tuition is reasonable in comparison to the earning potential after completing school.

Thanks to ACMT for providing me with a quality education and confidence in my abilities. ACMT is honest and open with all fees and cost relating to the program. Since graduating (and even just prior to graduation) I have had several unsolicited jobs offers, just based off of my conversations with other health professionals.  I love how flexible this career is! I am currently working part time as a Therapist at a luxury spa in Edmonton, in addition to seeing a handful of my own clients from my home or theirs. While I have made the decision to keep my “day job” for now, it would be easy for me to pursue massage full time and will get there eventually!


Tammy L.

TammyACMT gave me the flexibility to get the education I wanted without having to put my life on hold. As a mom of 5, I didn’t have time to be in a classroom full time. Since completing the Massage Therapy program my opportunities have been endless. I am currently enrolled in the Manual Osteopathic College of Canada, working as a Massage Therapist in Lloydminster and have recently joined the ACMT family. Every day, I get to use my knowledge and skills to help people be their best self, whether it is clients or other students. If I were to give any advice to other students I’d say, stick with it. There are times when you may feel overwhelmed, remember we’ve been there too and understand. Reach out and let your ACMT family know, we are here to help. Your goal is to become a Massage Therapist and it’s our goal to help you succeed.


Here’s what others are saying:

At 40 something, I made a big leap and decided to enroll in a massage therapy program.  After researching several programs in Western Canada, I decided on ACMT.  I have felt supported by ACMT and their amazing staff from the moment I inquired about the program.  From my initial visit to a student clinic to my pre enrolment interview with principal Dawn Sherman, my experience has continued to be exceptional.  The teaching staff is great and curriculum is delivered in a way that aligns with my learning style.

Behind the scenes, the administrative supporting staff makes sure my questions are answered quickly and in a way that keeps me feeling supported and empowered.  The team at ACMT has provided a solid foundation for students of all ages to excel in our studies and know that someone has our back as we move forward and take big leaps in our massage therapy careers.

Alaine (Grande Prairie)


I know I made the right decision choosing ACMT as my alma mater.

Marienor (Edmonton)