Become a Registered Massage Therapist

Massage Therapists have flexible, balanced, rewarding careers. They help clients from all walks of life every day. Learn more about a career as a Registered Massage Therapist 

Inspired, Flexible Learning

Pacific Coastal College of Massage Therapy in Vancouver offers an inspired, flexible program that lets you train for a career as a Registered Massage Therapist without putting your life on hold.

This progressive learning approach combines home study, in-class tutorials, and clinic practical time. Students study from home using PCCMT’s online Learning Management System. PCCMT instructors are always available through email to answer any questions. In-class sessions focus on hands-on learning.

Training Massage Therapists since 2001

PCCMT started in Alberta in 2001 (as the Alberta College of Massage Therapy – ACMT) and has been an industry leader in massage therapy education across Canada. Programs are offered at 10 campuses in Alberta, BC, and Saskatchewan! 

PCCMT is one of the largest and most recognized massage colleges in North America. Our campus is located in Yaletown, Vancouver.

where’s the goldthe largest and most recognized massage colleges in North America.

Training Massage Therapists since 2001

18 Month Program

Year One:

Massage Therapy students learn the basics of relaxation massage and a variety of Swedish Massage techniques. Students are introduced to anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, and hydrotherapy. After the fourth module, massage therapy students practice on real clients in our student clinics. Our campus and student clinic is located in Vancouver, BC.

Year Two:

Year Two Massage Therapy Students learn deep tissue massage, fascia release, facilitated exercises, history taking, orthopaedic assessments and treatment of pathologies of the entire muscular-skeletal system. Students practice in PCCMT’s Student Clinic throughout the program.

PCCMT is accredited. Current PCCMT students are using either the Labour Mobility Pathway or the Prior Learning Assessment pathway to become Registrants of the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia. Click here to learn more –

Under the Labour Mobility pathway, students who are successful will then register to the college of the examination, as an out-of-province applicant, complete the jurisprudence course and then apply to CMTBC. PCCMT covers the students cost of flights, accommodation and provide a per diem for food expenses, as a stipend, upon confirmation of their enrolment to write the out-of-province exams.

These travel costs are on average $1400 and are covered by PCCMT. The Massage Registration costs whether taken in British Columbia or Out-of-Province are at the expense of the student and varies between $1200 – $1800.

For additional policy information regarding application and registration into CMTBC click here.

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Direct Entry: Students who already have training from another institution may be eligible for direct entry into the second year program. Contact us to learn more.

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Full Support

Massage Therapy Students will have continuous support from faculty and the college during the course, via telephone, email and class times. Upon graduation, PCCMT continues to track the success of students to ensure that the curriculum at Pacific Coastal College of Massage Therapy is meeting the needs of the students and industry demands.

IMPORTANT NOTICE. PCCMT is now accredited. The 2 year Massage Therapy program at PCCMT achieved Accreditation. If you have any questions please reach out at